Sutherland Secondary

Sutherland Secondary     Sutherland Secondary is located at 1860 Sutherland Ave in North Vancouver and teaches grades 8-12. The school has an enrollment of approximately 1050 students and was formerly a junior high school with students then moving on to nearby Carson Graham or Argyle.

     In 2007, the school was rebuilt at the same location due to its being one of the North Vancouver School District’s oldest buildings. Sutherland has an artificial turf field completed in 2008.

     Courses at Sutherland include art, business education, drama, information technology, modern languages, music, sciences, and technology education.

     Sutherland Secondary is rated 5/10 and ranks 217 out of 284 Secondary schools in British Columbia and the Yukon. The school has a grade 12 enrollment of approximately 175 students, 5-6% ESL, 12-13% special needs, and no French Immersion.

     Sutherland has an extensive athletics program ranging from hockey to soccer, and have received numerous championships over the years.

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