Lynn Canyon Park

Lynn Canyon Park      Lynn Canyon Park is a 617 acre park located in North Vancouver and home to numerous hiking trails ranging in length and difficulty to accommodate all ages and fitness levels, including the famous Baden-Powell Trail itself.  First established in 1912, the park has since grown substantially from its original 12 acre size.

      There is a Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre, opened in 1971, which includes interactive exhibits about our province’s natural history, local ecology and environmental concerns. The structure was originally designed to resemble the official flower of British Columbia, the dogwood blossom.  The Centre offers education programs for schools, tourist groups, and visitors of all ages. Additionally, the Centre sells many great souvenirs for visitors, and puts on puppet shows in the theatre.

      The Lynn Canyon Park is a second growth forest with substantial evidence of logging in the area, including springboard notches dug into various numerous tree stumps. Most of the trees in the park are no older than 80-100 years.

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge      The area is used for the film industry on occasion and also attracts many local cliff jumpers during the summer months. Lynn Canyon Park is very popular for local Lynn Valley residents for family picnics, leisurely hikes and makes a great location to cool down in one of the many popular swimming areas during warm days.

      The Park also features a suspension bridge that hangs 50 meters above the canyon, and unlike its counterpart at the Capilano River, visiting this park is free. The bridge makes a great tourist attraction, but in combination with all of the local hiking trails in the area, the Park is very popular among local hikers and dog walkers who want to get out and enjoy nature.

Twin Falls North Vancouver
      One of the more popular locations at Lynn Canyon Park is the 30 foot swimming pool, which offers a great location to enjoy a cool dip in the water with plenty of spots to set up a picnic in a very serene natural setting. In the summer this area is very popular but you won’t find everyone in the water because the water is fed by glaciers and is very cold, even during the warmest summer months.

Rice Lake      Hikers can also make their way east from the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge to Twin Falls, which although not as popular as the swimming pools, this area provides plenty of sitting room along the riverbank. Alternatively, if you’re looking for other areas to explore you may try Lynn Headwaters and Rice Lake. A short and leisurely walk takes you to Lynn Headwaters which provides additional spots for picnics and a great place to swim. Rice Lake also sits nearby with trails that encircle the lake and several viewpoints which allow visitors to take in the natural beauty. Rice Lake is a popular fishing spot as the lake is stocked with trout every year.

Located to the East of Lynn Valley, about a 5-10 minutes drive from the Upper Levels Highway.

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