Compare North Vancouver High Schools

     The North Vancouver School District (No. 44) is comprised of 7 Secondary Schools, including one Alternate School which will be excluded from the comparison. North Vancouver also has a private school, St. Thomas Aquinas, which will be included in the comparison.

     Within this School District are some of the province's highest rated schools according to the Fraser Institute's ranking system. The Fraser Institute is an independent non-partisan research and educational organization based in Canada, and these results are compared with all secondary schools in British Columbia and the Yukon.

     Here we see any Secondary Schools in North Vancouver descending from highest rated to lowest:

Compare North Vancouver Schools
     As we can see, St Thomas Aquinas has a FI rating of 8.3/10, Handsworth 7.9/10, Windsor 7.4/10, Argyle 7.0/10, Seycove 6.9/10, Carson Graham 5.2/10 and Sutherland 5.0/10. Compared to other schools in BC and the Yukon, you can see the ranking out of 284 with St Thomas Aquinas qualifying as 21st on the list, and Handsworth as 33rd and so forth.

     Here we compare the average exam marks for the 6 schools belonging to the North Vancouver School District:

     As we can see, there is a direct correlation between average exam marks and overall rating as Handsworth has the highest average, followed Windsor, Argyle and Seycove.

    My comparison is not intended to deter families from choosing Sutherland or Carson Graham, which have lower ratings according to the Fraser Institute, but it simply meant to provide insight on school rankings if such information is deemed important to the reader.

   For further information on the Secondary schools in North Vancouver, please visit our more detailed individual websites:

     For further information pertaining to which homes fall into each catchment area for North Vancouver High Schools please contact me directly and I can create a customized search on your behalf.

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