City of North Vancouver to Densify

The City of North Vancouver      The first report of the draft for the official community plan for the city of North Vancouver calls for greater densification in anticipation of a 42% increase in population over the next 30 years. The OCP outlines the strategies for growth in the city of the North Vancouver over the next 50 years.

      The OCP will be an ever-changing entity, as the plans for the City evolve with the world we live in. The current OCP was put together in 2002, and as such it was time to revise the City of North Vancouver’s long-term vision.

      An integral step in the revision of the OCP is community input, and the City has planned to engage at least 2500 people to help paint the picture for what’s important to the residents. This includes everyone from homeowners to renters, from youth to retirees, local business owners and all members who make up the community.

      The draft in question calls for greater densification with buildings higher than six storeys along the Lonsdale corridor in Central Lonsdale, townhouses below Third Street and more mixed-use developments along Marine Drive. The plan is to utilize existing public transit routes such as those high-traffic areas of Lonsdale and Marine, and focus increasing density there.

Proposed Development in Lower Lonsdale
      Furthermore, home owners and prospective buyers may be interested in learn that the plan aims to allow an increased number of suites and coach houses. Such options would allow owners to supplement their mortgage payments through rental agreements, which would also benefit prospective buyers who otherwise may not be able to afford detached houses without a mortgage helper.

      There will be a greater emphasis on sustainability, health and climate change issues which will form a focal point in the planning process. After recent talks that the city of Vancouver is among the best-rated cities for long-term sustainable development, it is good to see that the city of North Vancouver is also on track. We live in a world that places a great importance on environmental issues, and with every year it seems to become increasingly important - and rightfully so.

New Developments coming to the City of North Vancouver
      Some wish to see more importance and awareness placed on demographics for the OCP. Simply increasing density without taking into consideration what the demographics of the population increase will consist of would be a mistake. The Mayor acknowledges that the OCP needs to be so much more than simply calling for greater density. It is a long-term strategy that needs to encompass a wide variety of considerations.

      Residents of Lower and Central Lonsdale are already well aware of all of the new developments that have appeared over the last few years and some of the controversy that's resulted. With the success that many projects have had it should not come as a surprise that there are more on the way (Check out this article on a new project coming to Lower Lonsdale). Densification is a natural step and the City of North Vancouver is doing the right thing by actively including so much public input into the process. The future for North Vancouver will be exciting to witness as we can expect the face of the community to continue to change and evolve through continued growth and gentrification.

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