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The Shore by Adera, in North Vancouver     When it comes to new construction, custom options are one area where I have found that developers drop the ball. I have recently had experience with the Versatile Building in North Vancouver’s Lower Lonsdale community, where homeowners were completely unaware such options were available until they saw them in their neighbour's home. 

     However, one developer stands out in my mind, Adera, with their introduction to a customization website which enables their homeowners to go through an extensive list of options and make their home their own. 

     The website is very easy to use right from the start. A 14-step process, visitors are first directed to select which building and floor plan they’re interested in. Depending on the floor plan the user chooses, they will be directed through the website differently. For example, if a user chooses a floor plan that does not have a den, then obviously there’s no need to route that user through the den options.

     As such, options include your standard choices, such as colour scheme, but then get much more detailed as you continue through. Much like a website in which a user is faced with customizing a new car or a computer, the process allows homeowners to compare the options while weighing them against the default choice. 

     So, you may wish to upgrade your washer/dryer to an LG Ultimate Laundry Package (+$2890) or perhaps you’re content with the Frigidaire Front-Load Washer/Dryer (+$1480). If a homeowner is not content with the default laminate flooring, for $8940 there is an option to upgrade the living, dining and kitchen areas to engineered hardwood. Options for upgrading carpet exists as well, and you can get specific as to exactly which bedroom you want to have which carpets. 

     Upgrade the tile in the master en-suite, switch out the counter-tops in your kitchen or choose from an extensive variety of lighting options for your dining area, kitchen and bedrooms. There are so many upgrades available and Adera has done an excellent job of putting them in a well presented format where homeowners are exposed to all available options. 

Example of Adera's Customization Website
     With a site such as this, homeowners won’t experience the sense of remorse associated with missing out on that cabinet upgrade or closet organizer that their neighbours had installed. Instead, each home will feel that much more like home because each homeowner has had the opportunity to make it their own to a degree simply not seen at many developments. 

     Adera is known for their customer service, and they are a reputable builder in the Greater Vancouver area with over 40 years of experience. In my view, they’ve taken the next step in implementing a user-friendly customization website for homeowners to immerse themselves in the designing process of their new homes. 

     If you’re interested in an Adera project, visit my webpage on The Shore, a new condo development located at Fell Ave and 3rd Street in North Vancouver. 

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