North Vancouver Development Leverages for FSR

101-149 Lonsdale in North Vancouver     North Vancouver Real Estate continues to see new developments on the horizon, as this new development proposes 69 new Lower Lonsdale condos.

     The Staburn Property Group has applied for a 5/6 storey mixed-use building at 101-149 Lonsdale Ave in Lower Lonsdale North Vancouver. The District of North Vancouver will need to approve the proposal which includes a rezoning application for the properties at 101 – 149 Lonsdale Ave for a mixed-use development.

     As discussed in a previous blog, some developers use affordable housing to leverage their permit applications as is the case with this project. The developer intends to build 5 non-market residential homes which will be used as affordable housing. As with any development that requires approval, there will always be some form of incentive for the city to pass the application, which in theory benefits local residents. So, whether it’s providing housing for disadvantaged residents, improving infrastructure, or increasing the curb appeal of a neighbourhood, there will always be some benefit to a community paid for by the developer.

Vancouver Resource Society     The five affordable housing units will be owned and operated by Vancouver Resource Society whose mission statement is “to provide innovative opportunities for persons with disabilities to maximize their independence and inclusion in the community.” As taken from the Vancouver Resource Society’s website ( “Most recently, we aligned with Citimark Development Corp on a project in the City of North Vancouver. Our partnership resulted in a major benefit to both VRS and the developer. The project received a bonus in density in exchange for 5 units, to be owned by VRS, for use by local citizens dealing with disabilities.”

     As one can see, relationships between charitable organizations such as VRS and developers are mutually beneficial as each achieve favorable results by working in conjunction with one another, and the community benefits from further resources being made available for local residents.

New Laneway to feature Public Art.      The developer also intends to enhance the laneway connection between Lonsdale and 1st Street by adding a pedestrian walkway. Furthermore, there is to be a public art contribution at the laneway, and the conservation of the 1904 McDowell Block building as a heritage building.

     The building will include just under 25,000 square feet of commercial space, with 13,550 square feet designated as retail space and 11,389 square feet designated at office space to which the developer is leveraging as “employment generating.”

     Lower Lonsdale has no shortage of retail space at this time, with each new development utilizing its ground level space as commercial space. The densification of the area will likely bring in a greater population increasing the demand for further commercial space but at this time there are some that believe the City of North Vancouver may be designating too much retail space.

     The project will also include 64 residential units which will become available for sale to the public. At this stage of the process, there haven’t been any details released on the units themselves in terms of size or layouts, and prices won’t be released until the sales centre opens.

     The building is to be constructed to Green Gold concrete standard as well as connected to the Lonsdale Energy Corporation’s district energy system. Residents will have access to an extensive roof top patio space with gorgeous views of the water and the city of Vancouver, while providing a more green approach to development.

Green Roof Proposal

     There is a public hearing scheduled for 7:00pm on Monday, January 20th at City Hall 141 West 14th Street for anyone interested in learning more about the project and having the opportunity to give some feedback to the City and the Developer.

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