Two Major Redevelopments coming to North Vancouver

Lower Lynn     The District of North Vancouver plans to implement two mixed-use community hubs in North Vancouver. The two areas in consideration at this time include Marine and Capilano and Lower Lynn between the Highway and Main Street. Each site contains several development proposals that will completely redefine these areas of North Vancouver.

     The Lower Lynn Town Centre Implementation Plan, which aims to transform the area into a transit-oriented, mixed-use community, was approved May 27, 2013. Projects in the area, such as Seylynn Village will feature multiple residential towers with commercial retail space, and new influxes of population into the area will stimulate the demand for major transit routes with a 20-year plan of implementing 3000 units into the area.

     Richard Walton, Mayor of North Vancouver District, understands well that there is a major problem with traffic congestion for commuters trying to get on and off the North Shore, and doesn’t believe we will see the introduction of high-speed rail transportation anytime soon.

Lower Lynn
     The benefit of introducing a higher density community to an area such as Lower Lynn, is that the widely used Phibbs Exchange is already located nearby. The District plans to bring in bike routes, greenways and effective transit routes to properly service the area with a strong focus on getting away from car use. The area is also zoned for light industrial and strives to encourage major office development in an attempt to become a community where one can live and work.

     Environmental goals include the analysis of sustainable community energy systems, implementation of green building and water conservation practices, and encouraging garden spaces and green roofs.

     If the District of North Vancouver is able to successfully implement their vision, then the Lower Lynn area could very well become a model for future communities on the North Shore which fit well with the natural environment and put a strong focus on mixed-use community integration. 

Artist Rendering of Marine Drive Village

     Marine Drive Village Centre is another area of North Vancouver that is under proposal for major redevelopment located at Capilano and Marine. The project is in the preliminary stages of the proposal process, but at this time includes two major proposals with a combined 713 residential units, 41,550 square feet worth of commercial space and 125,220 square feet of basement level commercial space. Additionally, the project proposes 2 public plazas totaling 12,800 square feet and two parks totaling 11,100 square feet. 

     Redevelopment of this area would certainly be beneficial for the area as it currently hosts a gas station and an under-used hotel facility. The area receives heavy traffic as it bridges the city to both West Vancouver and downtown as well as provides fast access to the Highway.

     Both redevelopment plans, located at the foot of the Lions Gate and the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge, will also serve as major transit hubs with frequent buses taking commuters to and from Vancouver. This increased focus on public transportation aims to help alleviate the congestion currently experienced by North Shore commuters. Ideally, the convenience of regular transit times will encourage commuters to leave the car at home and take advantage of public transportation. Either way, these areas will see major revitalization in the coming years and will soon represent major communities within North Vancouver.

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