How small will Homes get?

Micro-Homes     We live in one of the largest countries in the world with a relatively small population. Historically speaking, Canadians have enjoyed a lot of space, whether that was the great outdoors, a large backyard, or a spacious old house with large bedrooms and ample square footage. Times are changing, as they inevitably will continue to do, and Vancouver’s geography combined with its growing population presents some interesting challenges moving forward.

     With the cost of North Vancouver Real Estate on the rise, and a general starting price for most single family homes at $800,000, many would-be North Shore residents need to consider alternatives. The idea of living in a 500 square foot apartment is hard for many Canadians to wrap their head around, but what about living in a 500 square foot house? Well, in comparison to one new company’s product a 500 square foot house would be spacious.

North Vancouver Micro-Homes?      A new Vancouver-based company NOMAD Micro Home has reinvented the way we look at living space and offering 100 square foot houses. They have designed highly efficient spaces that very well could start popping up in the city in which we live in the not-too-distant future.

     The notion is perplexing when you consider what 100 square feet truly represents, trying to imagine oneself living in such a tight space, when some North Vancouver homes have walk-in closets that are larger than 10x10. The smallest condos currently available in Canada were recently unveiled in Surrey at just under 300 square feet, and after viewing a floor plan of those spaces, it’s tough to imagine it getting much smaller - but it does.

Micro-Homes in Vancouver     The homes have high ceilings with ample windows which allows lots of light to help create a more spacious feeling in the home. The bathroom has enough room for a toilet and a sink, and doubles as a shower. It has a loft which has room for a bed and closet which you can reach by using stairs above the kitchen.

     The price is where the homes get interesting, as the standard 100 square foot home carries a cost of $25,000. You could afford to buy 12 of these units for the cost of one North Vancouver condo. However, this price obviously does not include the land where as we know is often responsible for the largest portion of the cost of Vancouver Real Estate. Additionally, bylaws in the city require a home to be a minimum of 400 square feet, so for the time being it’s not possible to call one of these units home unless you’re installing it as a guest house on your current property.   

     In the world in which we currently reside, the notion of such a small residence is perplexing and almost comical, but it is not unrealistic to say that at some point in the future with sustained population growth, extended protected areas, and further need for food production that we may need to consider dramatically increasing the efficiency of the space in which we live. Additionally, if Real Estate prices in North Vancouver continue to rise, many homeowners might need to consider alternatives such as this in order to afford to live in a city as desirable as this one.

Efficient SpaceMicro-Homes

     Photos courtesy of NOMAD Micro Homes and The Province.