1101 - 150 West 15th Street

(January 28, 2017)

A rare downsizers dream! Luxury living centrally located in North Vancouver. Downsize without giving up your garage!

This generously sized THREE BEDROOM, THREE FULL BATHROOM home comes complete with its own PRIVATE 2-CAR GARAGE and attached workshop! Home features open concept kitchen and living area, pantry, two decks to enjoy both sunrise and sunset, walk-in closet, two sinks in master bathroom... read more.

Homes near Starbucks appreciate faster

(March 09, 2015)

     A recent study conducted by one of the world’s largest Real Estate websites, Zillow, has come to the conclusion that homes situated near a Starbuck­­s appreciate in value more quickly.

The study, based on US home prices, compared market statistics for house values between 1997 and 2014. On average, homes which resided within 400m of a Starbucks appreciated by 96% compared to the national average of... read more.

Oil Prices & real Estate

(March 04, 2015)

     Global prices for oil have been in decline for some time, and what’s interesting to note is just how closely the Canadian economy, and in turn the Canadian Real Estate market, is connected.

     Here is the trend we have been seeing recently. Since the early Summer of last year, prices have been in decline. Crude Oil prices have fallen from near $110 to half of that, in a matter of months. 

If we take a l... read more.

Afford the unaffordable

(September 03, 2014)

North Vancouver Real Estate     The comment sections of news websites are filled with cries about how unaffordable housing is in Vancouver. Many place the blame on foreign investment, immigration, or greedy sellers. None of that changes the market value of a home though, and so we are left with our current prices.

There is no question that detached house prices are on the rise and that many cannot afford to own their own North Va... read more.

Move quick or Move On

(August 27, 2014)

North Vancouver Real Estate is moving, and it's moving quickly. We all know prices have been increasing for some time, and we all know that many are anticipating the so-called market correction to occur any day now. However, what's interesting is the speed at which houses are selling.

In all of 2013 the average days on market was 41, for single family detached houses in North Vancouver. So far this... read more.